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Starting from a small shoe kiosk at Amcorp Mall, Tomaz Shoes gained recognition for its commitment to excellence and superior product offerings. The brand expanded its operations, refining manufacturing processes and sourcing premium materials to ensure top-notch quality which aligned with their mission to offer a wide selection of high-quality shoes, clothing, and accessories at the most affordable prices, ensuring that all consumers can enjoy exceptional products of their choice.

Tomaz Shoes, founded in 2009 by Thomas Teoh, embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship and dedication. With a focus on exceptional craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, the brand has emerged as a leading footwear company in Malaysia.

The average price of quality leather shoes is sold at 5 to 10 times higher than its cost to produce. These extremely high markups are the result of the costs covering for wholesalers, distributors, retailers and expensive advertising campaigns.

But that is all about to change. Tomaz was built on the idea of delivering quality trendy products to consumers with the lowest pricing made possible. Tomaz achieves this by eliminating the middleman so that the very same product offered by others that cost 5 to 10 times more can be sold to consumers at a fraction of the price.



Making great leather shoes for men has been a continuous great journey for us. Throughout all these years, we learnt that listening to the requests of customers has brought us to where we are today.

Our designers specialize in making sure that the leather shoes are up to date with the latest international trends while ensuring that the shoes are made with the best materials so that our customers can dress with style and comfort.




Today, Tomaz not only focuses on leather goods but clothing and watches while standing strong to its core value of delivering quality products to the people at a minimal price.

Not only that, it just gets better. We challenge the status quo of the watch industry by creating a collection of beautiful, luxury timepieces to give every individual the opportunity to enjoy the privilege of owning a luxury watch without having to pay thousands of dollars for it.




Men’s luxury suits have been the most sought-after fashion stapple for many years. Here at Tomaz, we strongly believe in delivering quality and value.

Our superb range of suits has something available for every man for every occasion. With a variety of colours, patterns and weaves to choose from, there's a perfect suit made for every man out there.




In TOMAZ, we always try to deliver the best quality at the lowest price possible. The courage to start a new business involves passion, interest, and the willingness to take a risk. From producing shoes, to clothing, and watches. We are now expanding our arsenal to include high quality gaming chairs at industry crushing prices.