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Difference between Single Breasted and Double Breasted Suit Jacket

Posted on December 17 2018

Single Breasted and Double Breasted Suit Jacket

Posted at 2:55 - 17th December - Suits

There is no specific event that calls for a single breast or double breasted jacket. However, a style-conscious men should always know the essential value of the significant detail that goes into your suit.

Single Breasted Jacket

If you are engaging in formal events, you will notice that majority of the gentlemen present will be dressed in a single breasted blazer or suit. The common sight is majorly credited to the versatility of a single breasted jacket that fits the need of a business-casual, formal, leisure or even sport oriented events. Single breasted jacket gives a sharp look whether it is button or unbuttoned. Its versatility also gives more room for experimenting with a wider range of layering.


The signature single line button also elongates the torso thus giving a taller and slimmer silhouette. It is classically sewn with two buttons on one side with a notch lapel. Peak lapels are commonly reserved for formal single breasted suits or tuxedos.

Double Breasted Jacket

While some men chose to play it safe, some chose to go bold and glamorous with a double breasted jacket. Gradually breaking free from its “formal wear only” stigma, it has become a statement worthy piece of suit that projects power and confidence.


Classically sewn with six buttons with three per sides, the top button is sewn at an elevated and a wider stance from the rest to draw attention to chest and create illusion of slimmer waist. The buttons are fastened to suppress the waist and create the ideal “v” silhouette. The extra overlapping of fabric in the front panel with additional rows of buttons fastened on each side also give both extra warmth and extra decorative features. It is also the go-to choice for slimmer men who wants to get a broader shoulder while retaining a proportioned waist.


Despite of the body flattering features offered in a double breasted jacket, keep in mind that it leans more on the formal side thus pairing it with a jeans would not be a good idea when you are wearing it as a blazer. As for the lapels, peak lapels are commonly associated with double breasted jacket while shawl lapels is perfect for a tuxedo.

Regardless of your choice, the key to looking great in either single or double breasted suit is being comfortable and feeling like you are totally owning what you wear. This will surely lead to a full confidence.


As soon as you feel good in your suit, every inch of your move will be the testament of confidence, respect and maturity.

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